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Meet Natasha

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am a therapist turned mind-body health consultant/wellness coach who loves to partner with highly motivated, self-aware folks wanting to achieve personal and professional success without sacrificing health, happiness, or relationships. Primarily I work with clients in high stress careers where self-care and staying grounded is essential to long-term success: celebrities, CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, therapists, public figures, etc. In addition to obtaining the highest credentials in my field of integrative mental health, I am a consultant and speaker at VeraVia, a luxury wellness retreat rated in the top 5 in the world, I am a mother of two children, and I have served as an adviser to the board for the amazing non-profit yoga foundation for at-risk kids The Sean O'Shea Foundation. Many people ask me what my secret to balance is. I pursue what I am passionate about, and I embody a holistic lifestyle to get the energy I need to reach my goals and make my dreams happen. I also get plenty of personal and professional support when needed.   


I am very enthusiastic about helping others to overcome what holds them back so they can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. I have devoted my life to creating a positive ripple in the world, and hope to join others in inspiring a transformation in the world as we know it. 


While earning my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate enough to travel a little and interact with other cultures. I have been blessed with some wonderful exploratory experiences and inspiring mentors. I took advantage of the opportunity to study Central American Culture and the Spanish language at the Universidad de Heredia in Costa Rica, and I had the unique opportunity to research behavioral patterns of black howler monkeys in Belize, Central America with a researcher from San Francisco State University. These pivotal experiences opened up a whole new perspective for me in realizing the many possibilities for my life, and lit a fire in me to continue to meet new and interesting people, and see new and interesting places as a regular habit. I have a keen interest in learning about the many cultures of the world and I love to travel.



My favorite teacher in undergrad was my experimental psych professor. She showed me how to get through the most stressful course of the program (and ultimately through life) with presence/support, encouragement, good communication, and baby steps. She had a passion for travel; she also taught me how to be a respectful tourist, and study the culture before entering it. My greatest teacher in graduate school was a bisexual mother of a new baby who did her dissertation research in a convent with nuns. She taught me about black feminist critique, that our reality is socially constructed, that there are multiple realities, and that we can choose the reality that creates health. My first mentor as a new therapist showed me the power of unconditional positive regard. No doubt she practiced this daily as a woman who came out as a lesbian late in life at a time it was not easy to be a lesbian. My first mentor in the area of mind-body medicine taught me how to facilitate Mind-Body Skills Groups to heal trauma in the most profound and effective way. He is a Canadian immigrant from Macedonia who ran a mental health hospital in Kosovo during the war. My current mentor and dear friend has taught me almost everything I know about business and conscious entrepreneurship. She is an immigrant who left a position as a physician and medical director at a hospital in Australia to take the world over by storm as a powerful and sought-after speaker on health and wellness. What all of these mentors have in common are some of the biggest hearts I have ever experienced and had the honor to be held in. Compassion and soul-heart connection transcends oceans, cultures, age, gender and sexuality and I am deeply grateful for their leadership that has profoundly influenced my work. 



I am a 3rd generation Finnish American who grew up in a blended, bi-cultural Caucasian/Native American family in Northern Wisconsin. I am deeply spiritual and connected to nature. I feel divinely guided. I have always had well-rounded interests as a scholar and a practitioner with the lifelong goal of continual learning, growing, and expansion. I provided mental health services and consulting for 10 years in the public school system. However I am drawn to the cutting edge and what's on the horizon, so I took the leap to full-time conscious entrepreneurship so that I could have the freedom to work in the way I truly believe to be most beneficial and effective for people. My work is highly creative and I get to use my unique gifts, operating in my zone of genius, rather than simply my zone of competence.  

Since 2013, I have been working on a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine at Saybrook University, which is the only fully accredited Mind-Body Medicine PhD program in the world. I'm currently in the dissertation phase and researching spiritual-sexual awakening and women's empowerment. Being in this PhD while I work with clients keeps me engaged with the latest research in my field so I can offer the best service through integrating research knowledge that on average takes 14-20 years to reach mainstream clinical practice. I am passionate about being involved in the research and practice in integrative medicine and health sciences ("The New Science") that is leading the paradigm shift emerging in mainstream healthcare.


My favorite moments in life are spent with my loved ones, immersed in nature (preferably at the beach or near water), or listening to good music. I enjoy deep conversations with my circle of kindred spirits and belly laughs with my wonderful and wacky family, who are responsible for my sense of humor and appreciation of the truly important moments in life.  My biggest pleasure in life, however, is being a mama to two amazingly creative, sweet and soulful children. And aside from that, my soul wants to mother the whole damn planet, and love everyone back to health. 

  • PhD in Mind-Body Medicine, Specializing in Integrative Mental Health - Saybrook University (2013-current)

  • MA in Marriage and Family Therapy - Alliant International University - CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC49988

  • BA in Psychology, minor in Spanish - University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

  • Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Saybrook University

  • Certifications as a Level 1 & 2 Sanoviv Nutrition Advisor - Sanoviv Medical Institute

  • Certification in Guiding Mindful Change Coaching

  • Certification in Mind-Body Medicine - The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (2009-current)