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Let's dive in...


I'm Natasha. I'm here to help you create the relationships, health, and lifestyle you desire.


All services offered online

Mind Body Consulting Package

Work with me intensively 1-on-1, with 24-7 support. This is for people who are living an extraordinary life, or are enduring extraordinary stress and pressure. They need the most effective, efficient way through and want deep sustainable change. We talk life, business, relationships, self worth, health, sexuality.. nothing is off limits. It's like having a therapist, coach, spiritual advisor, nutritionist, and astrologer all in one! 2 month minimum for guaranteed results.

Workshops + Speaking

Self-care is the best healthcare and community is immunity. I love teaching small and large groups of people how powerful they are in creating radiant health no matter what they've been through. It's not the trauma that damages us, but how we process and release it. Your mind and your perception has everything to do with how your life plays out. We are here to experience joy!

Spiritual Hypnosis

Rewire yourself for success. Release unwanted behaviors and upgrade your operating system (the subconscious mind).

Your body believes what your mind perceives. Use that superpower for quick, deep transformation. 

This is my unique creative talent & signature service most requested by

celebs and pro athletes.

Nutritional Coaching

Get off sugar in 5 days. Or do a mind/body/spirit detox and heal your gut and your brain. Watch your mood and libido soar! Squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of life. Connect with our wellness community or be mentored by me to start your own. Health is contagious.