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Hani Sardouk, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gold medalist, First Lebanese to win weight category (ATOS)

My name is Hani Sarduk. I'm a Lebanese/Russian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt who has been practicing for 4 years. I'm currently top 3 in the Middle East region. The day that I chose to book a session with Natasha was the day before one of my biggest competitions so far, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, the fourth Grand Slam organized by UAEJJF. I had some doubt that I would win it, but I always had a vision of holding the medals. I thought I would give hypnosis a try and see if it actually helps. I was in Abu Dhabi so we had the session over Skype the day before the competition, just before I went to sleep. I was really relaxed, thoughtful, and aware of my surroundings during the session, I wasn't totally asleep. I was listening to her soothing voice but I was totally relaxed and just focused. 


The way I really benefited from the session, was from the sharpness it gave me. I knew I had prepared for this tournament, but I always had my doubts and fears. Hearing someone talking to me and actually being supportive not just by a conversation, but by using imagery, intentions, and affirmations made my vision clearer. The vision and my focus kept getting clearer as I progressed in my fights on tournament day, and I was continually motivating myself and knowing that I would outsmart my opponents and react faster. I experienced an upsetting hurdle when the first guy I fought slammed me twice (which is forbidden in the rules), but I kept going forward because I had this vision and I knew it it was my day. Not everything said in the session was in my conscious awareness, but a few key points that I needed to help me win were crucial and effective. The use of imagery made my vision so clear and so real. I would recommend hypnosis with Natasha to anyone, give it a try. I did it over Skype and it was still very effective.  I know this because I was extraordinarily focused on my goal, and excluded any distractions. I had a vision, which Natasha reinforced during hypnosis, of posting a picture with two gold medals and they were really shiny! And guess what? I won my division. OSS.

Holly Tremblay, Transformational Coach, Artist, www.artthatflows.com

Two days before meeting with Natasha, I made the choice to quit my job in the finance industry after 10 years with the company. Knowing that my soul was yearning to serve another purpose, I listened to my gut and left. This resulted in feelings of empowerment, excitement, and well yes…EXTREME FEAR. Having heard of Natasha’s empowering hypnotherapy services, I thought this would be the BEST of any time to take advantage of a session. 


I walked in with sweaty palms, somewhat of a pit in my stomach and thoughts of “Did I make the right choice to quit? Do I have what it takes? Will I be able to pay my bills? Will I have to live in a tent on the street?” All of these thoughts and many more were racing through my head. It was when I smelled the sweet cinnamon broomstick and caught a glimpse of a Buddha statue that I felt relaxed and comfortable. Not to mention the nice leopard pillow that I would soon be resting my head on that was placed perfectly on the couch. The warm welcoming feel let me relax and prepare for the transformation that would lie ahead.


Once I was told my eyes would begin to feel heavy, I knew that must be IT. I was actually under and began my journey. I was guided into seeing myself nestled tightly in a cocoon where I would then emerge into a beautiful monarch butterfly. I saw the color purple wash over my body as I then found myself walking on a beach full of people smiling and saying hello to one another in a way that I felt unconditional love for humanity. This is when my soul’s vision of being a Conscious Motivational Speaker showed up and I’m on stage giving one of many presentations to serve in the transformation of mankind. After being in this very real place I then am welcomed back with a tingly energy flowing up my body, nourishing, protecting and supporting my soul. I’m told to wiggle my fingers and toes and before I knew it, I was back on the couch under the comfy blanket provided. Back on the couch, in a new way of being. A way that showed the beauty of my power in serving humanity and being one of courage and confidence by leaving my job. The fear I came in with didn’t hold a place in me like it did before. 


I now felt light, grounded, confident and clear. The clarity I asked for was provided. 


For those of you reading this testimonial, I highly recommend Natasha’s service. If feeling stuck, working though fear or just wanting pure clarity, this hypnotherapy opens the mind in a way we can let go of what isn’t serving us. Thank you again, Natasha.

I hired Natasha as my coach on a recommendation because I had just gotten out of an 8-month relationship, and wanted some support getting back to my best self and back into enjoying the dating scene after the break-up. The sessions with Natasha focused on my goals and what I wanted in a romantic relationship and were a relief from the pain and different emotions I was working through. I didn’t need therapy, but I needed a little boost to get through the break-up in the healthiest way. The sessions helped me to find myself again, getting under the layers of pain, anxiousness, confusion, anger, etc. very quickly and efficiently.  Natasha’s book recommendation was also very helpful as well (“If the Buddha Dated”). I would absolutely recommend Natasha’s coaching sessions to others. 

- Brian Grobman, Entrepreneur